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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when it comes to office work and even some professional coding work, Chassepot C1000 is still a powerful choice! We know that different people will have different work to deal with and have different working habits as well as different software. So the key point we want to emphasize is that the Chassepot C1000 is an all-purpose tool with a multitude of customization options.

By means of our Chassepot POWER CONSOLE software, the keys can be customized to execute any action of your choice. It’s not just about interchanging keys’ functions, doing Macros, activating some software etc. Chassepot takes things to the next level with our patented technology to help you execute much more complicated commands including batch processing for coders.

Besides, Chassepot supports 2-mode connectivity and boasts of a superior compatibility. It works flawlessly with all major operating systems – Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android in Bluetooth /USB Type-C.

If you are within the warranty period, we’d be happy to provide you replacement keycaps free of charge, provided that we have the keys in stock. Please be advised however that at this time, we are only able to provide English US versions of keycaps can can only ship to US.

Please note that keycap stock availability is subject to change at any time and we cannot guarantee that every keycap you need will be available for replacement.

To request replacement keycaps, please open a “General Question” support ticket.

You can do this here.

Please be sure to provide the following information in the ticket:
1) Exactly which keys you are looking to replace (we can provide up to 10 keys)
2)Your full shipping address including postal code and country


What keyboard languages and layouts are available in my region?
Generally speaking, the only language layout sold in your country will be the native language layout. However, please visit the Chassepot web store to confirm which layouts are available in your region. If the particular layout you are looking for is not available, we recommend doing a Google Shopping search for the specific layout you’re looking for.
The English (US) layouts of the C1000 were produced and may be available in the future: English (UK), Nordic, German, French, and Japanese.

Yes, this can be done with any keyboard that has Chassepot Engine Support.

1)Open Chassepot Engine and select the corresponding keyboard from the devices list.
2)Navigate to the keyboard region section on the right-hand side
3)From there, click the small arrow which will display a drop-down menu with multiple languages.
4)Select the desired language/layout and make sure to press the save button in the bottom right.

Keyboard ghosting is when a single keystroke or several keystrokes are “lost” due to the inability of a keyboard to process simultaneous signals that come natural to many gamers. The Chassepot C1000 keyboard support as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys on the keyboard due to their unique design and technology.

Glad you asked that. For those who want to be our retailer, Wholesaler or distributor, please contact us via

Yes, Bluetooth dongles are available at 2~3 dollars in the market.

Chassepot C1000 works on most O/S. Anything that runs on Windows/macOS/iOS/Android/Linux/Unix

The following keys cannot be customized and programmed: Show Desktop, Task manager, File explorer, Lock screen, double 0.

C1000 only supports wired mode when using CPC software to set operations for keyboards. Its set content is recorded in the onboard memory, and whether in bluetooth or wired mode, it is possible to enjoy all settings at any time.