Ever since Chassepot was founded in 2012, our mission has been to provide the most comfortable, simple, and efficient human-computer interaction peripherals, along with the most personalized design and highest-quality service. Many people know about Chassepot’s name due to its well-known connection with one of the world’s oldest arms companies. In fact, Chassepot’s connotation is: simple operations, exquisite craftsmanship, rapid loading, powerful and strong, sturdy and reliable. We really love using our exuberance and passion to make computer accessories that are thoughtfully designed and presented. Even in modern times, companies like us are truly hard to find.

Chassepot is a relatively young company, and its youthful nature frees it from the constraints of the typical business models. Therefore, almost every one of its designs challenges the industry’s boundaries, and constantly endeavors to achieve breakthroughs in technology,craftsmanship, materials, and other aspects. It has vigorous lines and exquisite arcing chamfered elements. Along with this is Chassepot’s exclusive color matching scheme, as well as its limited-edition original 4th quadrant series of themed cartoon elements that combine to create truly dreamlike peripherals.

Chassepot is the first company to design a keyboard from the perspective of human-computer interaction, and is also in the first group of companies to become involved with the bluetooth and wired modes products of esports competitions. Our company’s products will quickly include keyboards, mice, earphones, speakers, computer case, displays, etc., as well as peripheral components and products.

Chassepot’s entire system of technical research and design is located in Massachusetts, and their core staff is comprised of designers and software engineers who graduated from MIT. In addition, the company has many revolutionary designs and patented inventions. They also participate in researching and developing multiple world-class digital products. Our production and marketing operations are located in Shenzhen, China, and we have integrated production resources that have the highest level of Chinese craftsmanship with a youthful marketing and service team to serve the purpose of creating a world-class peripheral environment.

Chassepot has three offices throughout the world, and the company has always maintained its product design concept of ‘pure & strong’. Furthermore, the company has become popular throughout the industry and in places such as the United States, Europe, and China, where many people enjoy using its peripherals. It will quickly become a globalized world-class peripherals brand.